Multiple innovations have led to the highly effective and precise photodynamic cleaning from manadental. Both the positioning of the light source in the mouth and the formula for light-activated cleaning have patent protection.

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patent protection

the effective principle.


Unlike conventional mouthwashes, the mana.liquid penetrates deep into plaque and gives it a visible colour. And this penetration is what makes mana work so effectively. The unilluminated mana.liquid has a cleaning – though not an antibacterial – effect.


The liquid is activated by illuminating the coloured biofilm, which produces the targeted antibacterial effect. The light source is designed not just to activate the liquid, but also to give off light wavelengths that clean your gums. This near-infrared light penetrates deeply into the mucous membrane in your mouth to improve your oral health even further.


das messglas.

das messglas wird bis zur 15 ml Markierung befüllt. Weit hinten, hinter den Wortbergen, fern der Länder Vokalien und Konsonantien leben die Blindtexte.

biokompatibles Polycarbonat
30 x 20x 10 cm
430 nm - 790 nm
2 x wide beam LEDs
5,0 W
5 Minuten USB-C
3 Anwendungen
Höchste Klasse: IP68
Schutzklasse (Elekt.)
Schutzklasse III

the mouthpiece.

One size fits all? The mouthpiece may look simple, but simplicity is often the expression of a clear intention. The shape of the mouthpiece and the positioning of the LEDs are the natural average of a large number of teeth scans. A carefully chosen illumination angle for the LEDs compensates for variations in jaw shapes, enabling thorough cleaning for mouths of all shapes and sizes.

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wide beam LEDs
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easy to use.

  • Place the mouthpiece gently in your mouth
  • Close your lips together without pressing together
  • Relax your jaw

precious drop.

The mana.liquid contains easily tolerable, biological ingredients which help clean your gums. With a pleasant, sharp flavour of ginger and refreshing peppermint, it’s a new taste sensation for your mouth.

The main active ingredient is the light-activated vitamin B2, but the arginine, urea and hyaluronic acid also have a very strong effect. Once illuminated, the mana.liquid produces a surprisingly smooth and clean feeling in your mouth.

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tested effectiveness.

The technology of the dental light is based on the well-established research field of aPDT (antimicrobial photodynamic therapy). A method for testing the antimicrobial effect of manadental photodynamic care, was developed and optimized in a 2-year collaboration with research institutions of the Medical University of Graz.

Based on hundreds of test samples and the use of a specially developed simulation software, a clear statement on the antimicrobial efficacy of the system can be made. The manadental photodynamic care is 99.9% more effective against harmful oral germs than conventional mouth rinses.